Effective online teaching during the pandemic

The adversity of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of learning.

At Darwin we have adopted constructive and innovative ways to make online learning effective and fun for children

Children learn better when they are actively engaged in the learning process, rather than just passively listening to a lecture. When classes are moved to be taught completely online, we immediately took to adapting our existing curriculum into technology enabled method of learning.

Making the session interactive and activity based

At Darwin we start and end with an activity. An ice breaker in the beginning and a closing activity at the end, keeps the momentum flowing. To engage students who are not in the room during a lesson, the course we mix spurts of discussions, collaboration, video and audio clips, and hands-on exercises with text..

Here are some interesting activities we did to keep up the momentum in our online classes.

  • The stork activity: An interesting activity we put together for the first graders – to lighten up their online learning session. The kids made a stork bird with minimal supplies they had at home. This was a fun activity filled with lots of learning. Kids learnt to create new things from minimal or existing resources. In turn they also learnt what the stock bird does and its characteristics. Changing the mode of delivery isn’t necessarily losing sight of learning effectively.
  • The Diwali lantern activity
    This was a fun activity conducted on the eve of Diwali. Children asked to make Diwali lanterns with colour papers. This hands-on activity promotes not only creativity but also makes them learn about the importance of festivals and the associated rituals such as lighting a lamp during Diwali.

The coding exercise kindles lot of participation and involvement from the kids. Our children enjoy coding lessons as part of our fun and versatile curriculum. The notion behind coding as an activity is it promotes problem-solving skills and logical thinking. We include such activities not as career consequential material but only in the spirit of learning and improving one’s inherent skills and getting our children future-ready.

Feedback on the go At every stage of our online class, we obtain feedback from students. We make sure that we have been understood. The ‘learn- relearn – repeat’ method to enable an effective learning is employed. Formal and informal surveys to assess attitudes, workload and challenges and mini quizzes help in understanding the child and their interests.

That’s why Darwin continues to be a world where children are loved, celebrated and prepared for life! We have spent years carefully designing our curriculum to be adaptive and engaging. That is why it took little effort from our end to seamlessly transition into the technology driven world during this pandemic.

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