Ways to Encourage and Celebrate Your Child’s Uniqueness

Every child is unique and possess admirable qualities.

Encouraging and celebrating your child’s uniqueness is much easier than you think – all you have to do is step back and let them shine for who they are

Celebrate Their Uniqueness 

Every child is bound to have his or her own personal preferences and feelings, tastes which may be different from your own. Accept and celebrate their uniqueness 

Safe Space to Express Their Feelings

 If your child is upset and no matter how senseless it may seem to you- your child always wants to know that you take their feelings seriously. 

Because the next time they are crying about something, it might be something much more serious and you want your child to feel that you are the right person for them to share their feelings with.

Allow Your Child to Select Their Own Extracurricular Activities

Let their heart lead them to pick.  A child’s intuition functions high during their childhood. Allow them to hone it. This helps them truly believe and understand and build confidence.

A child’s intuition is important than what many people realize. Intuition helps alert kids of danger, provides guidance in decision making and helps in problem solving.

Give them the freedom to choose, they will learn what to do.


View Your Child’s Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

When your child makes a mistake, don’t shame, guilt trip or punish him/her. 

Be their ladder of rope, help them see the lessons that can be learnt – that’s when development happens.

When your child spills water on the floor thinking it is fun, guide their fun into watering some indoor plants.

Gently tell them, “Anyone who passes by, may slip, fall and get hurt. Instead of spilling the water on the floor, if you water the plants, they get some food. So, don’t spill, use water consciously” 

Help Your Inner Self 

If you are constantly not accepting your flaws, differences, and pulling yourself down, you cannot help your child to bring out the best version of themselves. 

Your unhealed issues or unresolved issues can easily rub on your child. So, be aware of your own actions whilst guiding children.

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