5 Factors that Worried Parents Must Consider Before Choosing The Right School For Their Child

Do you impulsively buy a smartphone? You take your time and research. You make a list of all the available options, and then make a list of smartphones that cater to your requirements. If finding the right phone requires all these steps imagine finding the right school that lays the foundation of your child’s life. Yes, we understand that finding the right school for your child sounds daunting, but it becomes easy if you look into the factors that actually matter. Here are 5 factors that you must consider for choosing the perfect school.

Academics and Extra-curricular activities:

Each school adopts a different educational approach to teach their pupils. The school’s academic program should not only focus on books but also on the child’s holistic development. The academic process of the school should converge knowledge and the behavior of the child. You can reach out to other parents and kids to understand the past academic performances of the schools you have shortlisted.

It is a common misconception to look at extra-curricular activities as a separate entity from education. Education encompasses both academic and extra-curricular activities as a whole. Activities other than studying helps the kid to explore themselves and find their latent skills. Every school specialises in training in specific activities, and you must identify the child’s interest to select the ideal school.


When we talk about infrastructure, we often consider high tech computer labs and science labs with a modernised experimental apparatus, well-maintained sports ground. Of course, they are essential, but we should also look further into other highly relevant features for young children. Here are a few questions to consider when you are thinking about the school’s infrastructure.

  • Does the school have safe kids’ playground?
  • Does the school provide toys and games that aid the child's development?
  • Is the class spacious and well ventilated?
  • Do they provide clean drinking water?


Teachers set the ultimate foundation for the development of a child. They share equal responsibility with the parents for improving the kids. Interact with the management about how they employ their teachers and how they train them.

The other important aspect to consider is the student-teacher ratio. You do not want your child cramped up in a class of 60 pupils managed by one teacher. The class environment should support the individual care of children by teachers. Darwin Public School has adopted two teachers per classroom policy to provide the utmost attention to every child. Every child has their own pace and needs, which the teachers should acknowledge.


Children will feel worn out if they have to travel a long distance to their school. It is crucial to choose an easily reachable school from your locality to prevent children from feeling exhausted. If there are no nearby schools that match your requirements, opt for a school which provides the best transport facility. Make sure the school follows safety standards for transportation.

School Culture:

School culture is perhaps the most significant factor that influences the end decision of choosing the right school. Talk to the principal to know the core values of the school. Concentrate on sensitive topics like how the school handles bad behaviour because no child should suffer corporal punishments. Learn about how they prevent bullying.

The values of the school should coincide with the needs and development of your child. In these modern times, parents play a vital role in the education of their child. The school should have a system that involves parents too. A healthy parent-teacher relationship is crucial for providing holistic education.


Your child should be enthusiastic about going to school. If your child is frustrated to go to school, pay keen attention to why they feel that way. Schools should meet a child’s emotional needs. Regularly ask your child how they think about their school and listen to what they have to say.

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