How ICSE boards makes a meaningful difference to your child’s education and future

Now is the time of the year when parents are busy picking the right school to shape the future of their child’s education. Parents ponder not only about the schools and the quality of education but also about the syllabuses that would work best for their children. Choosing the best syllabus is a herculean task with the plethora of options available. In this fast paced world, parents want their children to be aptly poised to face challenges and adapt according to changing times.

ICSE - Learning through experience and experimentation

Learning through experience and experimentation rather than one-way teaching is the predominant goal of ICSE syllabus. The structure of the ICSE syllabus requires children to look beyond textbooks, venture into labs and gather hands-on experience to get a practical insight into concepts learned in the classroom. ICSE exams test the true knowledge, understanding, application and are not limited to learning by rote alone.

“Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves.” ~ Jean Piaget.

With heavy weightage given to project work, research, group assignments, and internal assessment, children get the opportunity to prove their creativity besides faring well in written examinations.

Strong basics and foundation

ICSE syllabus focuses on quality over quantity that encourages children to diversify their interests and develop a curious, questioning, and analytical approach to learning. This methodology in the early days of childhood helps in focusing on all-round, experiential, and active learning, rather than a one-way transfer of information by teachers.

“Without a solid foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value” ~ Robin Sharma

The content of the syllabus is topically wide and in-depth for better assimilation by students. ICSE elevates the standard and the quality of education and gives children a strong foundation for whatever career option they may choose in future.

Skyrocket abroad opportunities

Besides focusing on concepts in Math and Science, ICSE also offers equal importance to languages, arts, and humanities. This allows for a more balanced, wholesome, and inclusive education. With internal assessments and emphasis on communication skills, the ISCE curriculum offers an overall development of your child. The clear emphasis on English and its literature and the way English grammar is taught under the ICSE syllabus is very systematic. Under ICSE, great emphasis is laid on the English language and this helps children do well even when they travel around the world to study and live. Certification under ICSE is recognized around the world, particularly in foreign schools and universities. This will hold students in good stead when applying to universities abroad for higher education.

Deep understanding of the subject

The syllabus under ICSE facilitates a deeper understanding of the subject. The teaching and syllabus are comprehensive and extensive, covering large parts of each field. Projects are an integral part of the syllabus under the ICSE board, which helps build the analytical skills of a student.

“True knowledge comes with a deep understanding of a topic and its inner workings” ~ Einstein

Students who want to pursue careers in fields of management and humanities will find the curriculum followed under ICSE to be interesting and challenging.

Teaching methodology

Keeping up with the changing times, ICSE’s teaching methodology encourages active learning and grooming of children. ICSE follows a certain teaching approach that is continuously evolving according to the changing requirements of the world around.

Parents are continuously worried about their children’s education and future.While the syllabus is important for the children to hone their skills and get the right education, what’s more, important indeed is the school and its interest level in teaching the kids. Education is not solely dependent on any syllabus but also on the school which aptly finds ways to deliver it. As a parent we urge you to find the best mix that suits your child’s aspirations and dreams.

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